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Africa Microscopy

The Africa Microscopy Initiative is a cutting-edge platform to expand access and expertise in bioimaging across the continent. AMI comprises the following programs:

Microscopy and imaging research centre

The open-access AMI Imaging Centre is housed at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Access to the AMI Imaging Centre is through peer-reviewed proposals open to all African scientists working at non-profit African institutions. Successful applicants will be awarded approximately four weeks to complete the proposed microscopy experiments on site. The Imaging Centre will cover the cost of travel, local lodging, instrument time as well as the cost of experiments within reason.

Visit the AMI Microscopy Centre webpage here

Training and teaching programs

Imaging Africa workshops

Imaging Africa is continent-wide, all-expense covered microscopy workshop, held annually and in collaboration with the Advanced Imaging Center at HHMI Janelia.

Microscopy Matters webinar series

Microscopy Matters is a series of brief webinar lectures focusing on succinct but important topics of microscopy, aiming to contextualize imaging-related material specifically for research topics central to the African scientific community. These mini-lectures will further supplement the various in-person microscopy workshops under the AMI programs.

Partners in Teaching (PiTCH) Program

The PiTCH Fellowship Program aims to pair early career imaging scientists from Africa who seek workshop organisation and teaching experience with an aspiring lecturer or research counterpart from other continents. Upon selection, these pairs will be mentored by experienced international imaging scientists to develop and host a week-long microscopy training course at the affiliated African institute.

Visit the AMI training webpage here

Equipment distribution programs

Program for Equipment Exchange & Reutilization (PEER)

With support from commercial partners, the novel Program for Equipment Exchange & Reutilization (PEER) aims to redistribute the enormous cadre of pre-owned, high quality microscopes in the warehouses of many imaging instrument manufacturers. Allocation of instruments will be based on a peer-reviewed application process and will be awarded to African institutions with a commitment to supporting local microscopy resources. Staff or researchers from the institute will also receive advanced training for the instrument as well as have the opportunity to partake in a job-shadowing program offered by Global BioImaging.

Visit the AMI equipment distribution webpage here

For more information, please see the Africa Microscopy Initiative e-brochure (7.6 MB).

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